Don’t worry, if you replied “yes” to this question, you are not the only one! I hear this almost weekly when talking to small businesses about local online marketing. Here’s the thing, pay per click (ppc) is hard to manage if you are not trained. I know that Google and other search engines are trying to tell you otherwise, but take my word for it – if you don’t know what you are doing you can spend a lot of money for almost zero results. Sound familiar?

So, Google went out and created AdWords Express and yes, it makes it very easy to set up your account. You basically just fill in the blanks, give them your credit card and go. The problem is that using Adwords Express takes many features out of play that can help drive good results in a PPC campaign. Things like search and display settings, ad rotation settings, and keyword broadness (is that a word?).

We actually advise local clients many of the times to steer clear of PPC and work on their local SEO rankings. This way they are building a long-term marketing asset that will in the end drive more new business to their doorstep. There are times when PPC makes sense for a local business and sometimes we do PPC in the beginning stages of an SEO campaign, while we are getting our clients ranked organically on Google.

You can read more about local SEO here.

In the meantime, please let me hear of any stories that you business owners or managers have of doing PPC in the past. Or I suppose you can tell me I’m full of it too. 🙂