This is another common question that we get from local business owners and managers. And if your looking for quick answers then, the answer is yes!

Our take on this is that social media is not the #1 new business lead source, but when done correctly it can be well worth your efforts. We find that it can help build fierce customer loyalty and really enhance a local businesses best marketing tool – word of mouth. Also when integrated with other local online marketing like SEO, PPC, etc. it has increased ROI (return on investment) effects.

We recently put together a social media marketing program for a local client, we first targeted getting as many of their past customers to follow them as possible, we did this by using in store promotions, email marketing & Facebook Ads. We grew their follower base by over 120%!

We then ran a targeted promotion only shown on Facebook, where people were asked to share the coupon with their friends if they redeemed it. It worked great and the client got tons of sales from the promotion.

Obviously there was tons more worked to accomplish this than described but you get the plot. 🙂

We are continuing to build followers and will launch another Facebook only promotion in a few weeks.

The bottom line is that you can’t just build a Facebook Fan Page and the sit by the phone waiting for the phone to ring. As anything else in marketing you need to put a strategy to it and some work.