Local SEO - Are You In Business?

If you can’t be found when potential customers are looking for what you sell online, then you may not be!

One strategy that we sometimes deploy for our clients is local search engine optimization or Local SEO. Unfortunately, many companies in our industry use unethical practices to try to get business websites ranked highly on search engines. It is critical to understand that no company can “guarantee” ranking your website on the first page of any search engine and if they do then they are not credible.

We specialize in getting our clients ranked highly the “right” way and we will be the first to tell our clients if SEO may not be a great strategy for them.

There is a bunch of techno barble that we could go into on this subject, but we like to try to make things simple.  Local SEO & any type of SEO really is the art of making a website easier for a search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc., to find.  The better optimized the site is, the higher the site should rank on one of these search engines.

It makes a lot of sense for us to offer Local SEO, we have the expertise of having actually worked with the major search engines and our other services blend so well with Local SEO. Social media marketing, rep management and local search all create great by-products for Local SEO – so when you buy one of our product bundles, everything works in harmony!

This is easy, consumers click on the top ranked websites on Google, Yahoo & Bing more often.  Here are some stats that show how powerful having a good ranking on these engines are for your business:

  • 8 out of 10 People Use the Internet to Buy
  • 90% of Consumers Don’t go to the 2nd Page After Doing a Search
  • 70% of Internet Users ignore the Pay Per Click/Paid Listings
  • 63% of top organic listings get click thru’s
  • 30% higher conversions of prospects to buyers of SEO

It is very important to the success of your business, there is no doubt that more people are using the Internet to find you now than ever before.

Local SEO Experts

With the experience of our staff, some working for Google & Yahoo in the past – we have a unique advantage in getting our clients great results.

Since we primarily only work with small & medium sized businesses, we offer different packages that will fit any budget or marketing strategy, Denver SEO does not have to be expensive.  Also, since we don’t only offer SEO we can bundle this powerful service with our other products like Social Media, Local Search and Online Reputation Management to help you maximize your marketing strategy.  Since every business is a little different, we don’t have standard pricing – it all depends on what you are trying to achieve and for what markets and for what keywords.

Give us a call today and we can tell you what we can do for your business.  You can also check out this great article on local SEO from they guys at Search Engine Land.