iFuse Live Chat

Live ChatYou’re driving traffic to your website through online and offline advertising, but not all those visitors will contact you the first time. What are you doing to convert those visitors into business leads? No matter how visitors arrive at your website, iFuse Live Chat proactively engages visitors on your website and generates leads for your business. With an easy-to-implement technology placed on your website and a team of live chat specialists, iFuse Live Chat encourages consumers to chat while they are on your website—which can increase the leads from your website by up to 30%!  Why not try to convert as many possible clicks into customers?  Here’s how it works:

Immediately Interact With Potential New Customers
Site visitors are prompted to chat with a live chat specialist soon after they arrive on your site. Our agents monitor your website during your business hours and we use a customized script to engage your visitors. The iFuse Live Chat agent collects visitors’ contact information and the products and services they are interested in, so you can follow up with every lead.

Improve the Customer Experience
We will put our live chat icon on your website, which will allow visitors to immediately interact with your business. While the iFuse Live Chat service is targeting new potential customers, our agents also ensure that your returning customers are given a great experience as well.

Detailed Tracking
Once our agents have captured a new lead for your business, you will receive an email notifying of the lead. The email will also include a transcription of the chat that our agent had with your customer. Additionally our agent will also call and notify you of the new lead. There will also be monthly reporting available on all or our chats on your website.