Reputation Management

Your reputation is your #1 asset.
Online customer reviews can make or break your business.

In basic terms, online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of giving people and businesses full control over their online search results. As the internet grows and technology progresses, protecting your good name may feel like a daunting task. To combat negative press, rip off reports, social media attacks,forum posts and other negative search results pertaining to your name or business, you need a leader in online reputation management with time-tested results.

You’ve spent years building your business. You’ve invested time, sweat, and tears. You’ve missed dance recitals and soccer games as you’ve toiled to create it. You finally feel as though you can relax… until the day when the phone calls slow down, the new customers vanish, and you can’t understand why.

You’re still providing excellent service and your existing customers love you, but your business is struggling. Finally, you learn from an existing customer that your company has some very negative reviews posted online. It dawns on you that your online reputation is presenting a twisted perception of reality that is really killing your business.  Guess what – having no reviews online or just a few are just as bad as having bad reviews!

Sound like the plot of a B-movie drama? Unfortunately, it’s true for thousands, of businesses across the country.

Read this great article from Forbes about managing your reputation.

We help our clients drive more customer reviews, promote those reviews all over the Web and defend their great reputations with our best in class reputation management system:

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