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Rustic Landscapes

The situation – Rustic Landscapes, LLC is a new company with 3 owners having tons of experience in the landscaping industry. They had no presence online or any plan in place to create one.

Their needs – they have been working for the last 3 months or so on referrals or past clients. What they wanted was to increase their monthly based landscaping maintenance business and find larger jobs. They also wanted to be able to be identified in the market with a great looking logo and marketing materials.

Our plan – after meeting with the owners, we at iFuse went back and completed an entire social media marketing plan based on what their needs are and what type of marketing budget that they had to work with. Our planners came up with several options on where and how to target people that were likely to have an interest in Rustic’s services We made sure they had the opportunity to show up on local search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and also started posting & managing ads for their services on Craigslist. From our unique product suite we able to offer them a package that included social media management, local search, online video management and reputation management.

We worked with all of the employees of Rustic to teach them how to get the most out of their current and past customers, like rewarding them for going to local websites and leaving positive reviews on their work. Also on how to up sell to past and current clients.

Results – within the first month of meeting with Rustic, we increased their lead rate (incoming calls, emails, etc.) by over 356%! Rustic landed 2 major monthly maintenance packages for the mowing and grounds maintenance of office buildings from someone finding their website on Google! They increased their residential mowing business by over 75% and have had to hire another crew to help out (from our email and direct mail programs).

iFuse was able to help make our business a huge success in a very short period of time, their services are very affordable - they handle all of our online marketing activity. They meet with us on a monthly basis and report on exactly what they are doing and what they suggest we do in the future - they are an incredible asset. Kevin Kimberling, Owner

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